Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why is Content Marketing Important for your Business?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy which creates original, effective, consistent and relevant content for acquiring a target audience as customers for the company. Due to the advent of social media in the lives of people, brands have been making all efforts to communicate by using various platforms and for acquiring new customers.

In order to grab the attention of their prospects and customers, it has become imperative for brands to do brand engagement through quality content marketing for their business. Here are the main reasons due to which content marketing has become so significant for all businesses:

Creates Loyal Customers

Today’s consumers do not prefer businesses to ‘hard sell’ their products or services, especially on social media. They prefer to interact with the brand through brand engagement, success stories and acquiring information which is of value to them. Content marketing fits the bill. By giving out and sharing useful info which is free of cost, content marketing creates a community of customers. Customers find it worthwhile to invest their time in the brand. 

You get to know the Customer Better

Social media generates interaction between two parties and that is what ensues when your business is on social media. Since social media has the power for generating feedback, it helps in businesses to better identify their customers using the criteria of demographics and opinions. The better you know your defined audience, the better it is for your brand.

Attracts New Traffic

Well-crafted content can drive a lot of traffic to your website and social media accounts as well. It also helps to increase your rankings on search engine result pages and gives an opportunity to the online audience to share your info with their family and friends. The better the quality of your content, the better will be your ranking on search engines. Gone are the days of poor quality web copy with keyword stuffing. Quality and relevant content is literally gold for SEO.

Increases Trust & Faith in the Brand

The content should be original, written well and should bring value to the consumer. Quality content delivered regularly creates authority of a brand and authority results in winning trust and faith of consumers. This factor is extremely important as trust is something which customers use for making their purchasing decisions.

Adds Value to the Brand

It is no longer enough to have a presence and promote your products. Instead, it has become almost mandatory to have a well-designed website and social media in place if you wish to indulge in brand building. Having valuable content over the website and info which makes their visit worthwhile is what customers are looking for. Generating new ideas for engaging your customers on their website such as using short videos, guides and creative images is also something which keeps the audience engaged.

It can Increase Conversions

Assuming that you are generating quality content that is of value to the readers, it can surely result in direct conversions through call to actions within the content. This results in more direct revenue for your business. Just make sure that your call-to-actions are visible around the content. Other ideas which have been seen to generate results include “how-tos”, tutorials, top lists etc.

Quality content can result in a huge volume of lead generation and ultimately conversions. A great beginning would be to decide your target audience and the people you are generating the content for. Next, start creating content around those topics which are of interest to them and turn them into the focal point of your content campaigns.

Evergreen Content is Long-term Investment

Producing evergreen content is something which should be preferably done as a part of the content marketing strategy. Trendy content and content related to fresh news/scoops are in demand, however, once the news goes stale, the interest of audience also diminishes. The good news here is that some forms of content don’t wither with the passage of time.

For example, tips or advice related to a variety of topics remain always relevant. There could be a scope of adding some new ideas to these posts due to the advent of new rapidly advancing technologies or changes in laws. However, this kind of content will never lose its value and all you would want to do is to bring about minor modifications in the posts by adding updates.

These posts never lose their value, making them a perfect long term investment. Remember, your evergreen content is a great resource of generating traffic so use it instead of languishing it. You need to call attention to them by reposting them on social media every few months!

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