Monday, 29 May 2017

How to Use Social Media Techniques for Growing your Business

The power of social media in today’s technology-laden world is infinite. Harnessing its power for increasing conversions and growing your business is well-understood. Every business should be able to utilize social media as it increases audience engagement and brand building for your business.

The opportunities which an effective social media brings for its business are seamless and companies should strive to create a strong online presence which brings tremendous value to any organization.

Here are some effective social media techniques for growing your business by leaps and bounds:

Elaborate Effective Content

Writing interesting, relevant and original content is the way your content should be when you post it on different social media platforms for promoting your business. Each post you create should be interesting and devoid of any outdated stuff.

Besides creating the latest content, you should be able to post it in the right places. This involves researching in details all the present trends, finding who your target audience is and the most frequent channels they spend their time on.

Create a Social Media Plan

It is essential that you should have a planned approach towards creating your social media strategy. A methodical social media plan needs to be crafted in order to produce the methods you are going to use and promote your business.

Time frames and deadlines also need to be kept in mind while devising a suitable strategy. Usually, SEO and Social Media Plans complement each other. An SEO Companyin Delhi or within any part of the world needs to create an accurate and a flexible Social Media Plan for effectively applying its strategies.

Creating a content schedule and event calendar besides using various social media tools such as Hootsuite becomes necessary for a methodical approach and consistent results. Tracking Performance Analytics will give you a clear idea about which campaigns and policies are working and which are not. Therefore, be aware of the numbers to assess your performance and to find out the weak spots which need considerable improvement.

Geo-target the Content & Optimize it

Geo-targeting your content is another great way to send your message and reaching out online to specific people based on their location. There are many social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which you can use to target specific followers in Twitter within specific countries and send messages from LinkedIn/Facebook company pages to specific groups based on geographic and demographic patterns.

Provide Benefits for your Audience

Everyone likes freebies and attractive offers. Besides engaging your audience by using interesting posts, people feel happy when they win. You can introduce various offers such as sweepstakes and contests which offer an attractive prize related to your niche and are useful to the audience. This technique will help you in drawing them into the business and increasing their interest in your products/services.

Also, consider giving away a discounted product or an introductory offer on a new product which will continue generating the hype and sustain interest in more visitors who turn out to be new followers.

Optimize your Accounts

Using selected keywords in the content which are related to your business is quite necessary for optimizing it. Each platform is different so customize your message individually for every social media channel. Include attention grabbing headlines in your postings and a strong call-to-actions within your social media posts.

Other useful tips include usage of relevant hashtags, completing required info within your profile and using the right images whenever you post on social media.

Be Engaged with your Audience

Be actively involved and engaged on all the major social media platforms. This simply means that make efforts to interact with anyone who responds to your posts or leaves any comments for the business.

In such a situation, it makes perfect sense to further take up the conversation and going into more intricate details, such as paying attention to what they want to further see in your posts and letting them know that you are reading what they have been posting all this time.

This will enable you to provide them the type of posts they want on your social media accounts, which will result in an increase in a number of visitors. Also, always make sure to check and know all the networks where your customers are spending their time online and be actively involved in engaging yourself in conversations on all those social media channels.

Be the Leader in Customer Service

The best strategy to get close to your customers is to interact with them on social media directly. Small gestures such as thanking someone for their positive comments or even making a return gesture by sending them a discounted voucher for being a loyal customer will convert them into loyal and long-term advocates for your brand.

It makes a world of difference when you demonstrate exceptional customer service by making them a top priority and listen to their complaints. Also, responding to your customers as soon as you can make it worthwhile to create an impression in their minds that you do care for them and appreciate the fact they are sticking to your product. It is considered humanizing to answer personally to as many worthwhile queries you can.

Follow your Competitors

Following your competitors is a great way to know in details about the strategies of your closest competitors. In fact, this plan works best in the case of Twitter as well as for Instagram. If you start following your competitors, you can also follow their followers and many of them will start following you back which in turn will increase the size of the potential target audience and the total strength of your followers.

Focus on those Networks which really do Well

There are certain social media platforms which really work well for you in comparison to others. In that scenario, you need to take advantage of those specific platforms and take maximum advantage for promoting your product/service. Don’t spend your time and resources on the ones which didn’t work well for you in the past.

Also, make sure that the information on these platforms is accurate and up-to-date. Out-of-date and obscure information creates a poor impression with your viewers. It is essential for you to have a well-placed logo and accurate company information which is professional in nature.

Be Truthful Regarding your Business

If you are representing your business on social media, you need to be truthful about your products/services and regarding what your business stands for. Customers are quite intelligent and are able to distinguish between what’s true and what’s simply a gimmick or a publicity stunt.

The quality of products says it all and they will not engage with you if they sense something is being falsely promoted. Always apply 80-20 rule wherein 80 percent of the postings should be related to your industry/niche and the target audience.

On the other hand, 20 percent of the postings should be talking about all the products and services offered besides special promotions or discounts.

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