Thursday, 29 June 2017

Qualities of Mentally Strong People

If you have a right mental attitude, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. In your lives, you all reach a stage where your mental strength is tested. It might be a struggling relationship, a dead-end job or a colleague or friend. You have to keep yourself strong, no matter how hard challenges you face. Take a decisive action by seeing things from the new perspective if you successfully want to move through it.
It may sound easy, but it isn’t. 

It’s very difficult to be mentally strong when you feel stuck. Taking a bold step in new direction needs extra grit, courage and daring which only mentally strong people have. Here are some of the qualities that you can adapt to improve your mental strength.

Strong EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

If you cannot tolerate negative influence and not be productive in their influence you cannot tag yourself as a mentally strong person. Emotional intelligence is the keystone of mental strength. A situation which tests your mental strength will eventually test your emotional intelligence. You can improve your EQ with consistent effort and proper understanding as it is flexible unlike your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which is fixed. 

Always confident 

"Whether you think you can, or think you can’t -- you’re right."  -- Henry Ford

It’s a fact that your mentality plays an important role in your ability to succeed. Mentally strong people’s confidence helps them to achieve whatever they want and that’s why they always inspire other people.  

Learn to say no

A study says that the more it is difficult for you to say no, the more it is likely for you to have burnout, stress and can even face depression. Mentally strong people have the self-esteem to say no as they know saying no is healthy. For them saying no to any new commitment honours their current commitments while giving them enough time to fulfil them successfully. They also know how to exercise self-control by saying no to themselves. They avoid giving instant reaction and delays gratification that may causes harm.

Be relentlessly positive

After watching or reading news for a period of time, you’ll see that it’s all about violent attacks, failing companies, environmental disasters etc. Who knows that maybe the world is headed downhill very fast. But mentally strong people never get affected by their surroundings instead of focusing on the things they can’t control they direct their energy completely on two things which they have control on- their effort and their attention.

Welcome the change

Mentally strong people are adaptive and flexible by nature. They know that fear of change can be a major threat to their happiness and success and can be paralyzing if not accepted wholeheartedly. They always form a pre-action plan to be taken whenever the changes take place. Only embracing the change will make you find the hidden positivity in it.  You need to have open arms and an open mind if you’re going to capitalize on and recognize the opportunities that the change will create for you.

Never compare yourself with others

Mentally strong people will never take other people down a notch so that they can feel good about themselves because they know everyone has got something different to offer hence they never pass a judgment on any other people. Comparing other people with yourself is a result of very limited thinking. Resentment and jealousy are the massive energy stealers, they suck the life right out of you. 

Mentally strong people don’t waste their energy and time on worrying about whether they measure up or not and sizing people up. Instead of feeling jealous by looking at someone else’s life, try to appreciate what you have with you right now. The more the grateful you are for your life; the more life will present you with happiness and peace of mind.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes

It’s a universal truth that where you focus your attention determines your emotional state, which all the mentally strong people know. When you increase your focus only on the negative thing it impacts your performance by creating more negative events in your life. And if you fixate your focus only on the positive things happening in your life you create an aura around you which attracts more happy and positive events in your life. Mentally strong people without forgetting their mistakes keep their mistakes at safe distance. By doing so, they adjust and adapt themselves for future success.

Get enough sleep

It’s difficult to ignore the importance of sleep which helps to increase your mental strength. While sleeping your brain removes all the toxic proteins which are the by-product of neural activity done when you’re awake.  As brain can only remove these toxins from the body only when you’re asleep, therefore, not getting enough sleep may create the inability to think properly which sometimes cannot be fixed even by the intake of caffeine. That’s why to have self-control, good memory and good focus, mentally strong people always keep quality sleep as their top priority.


God has given the mental strength to each and every one equally. It depends on you how you can make it stronger by consistent practice and use it for your own benefits.

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