Thursday, 11 May 2017

Advantages of Google Plus for Marketers

One of the social media networks you might not be paying much attention to is Google Plus. Google Plus is not as popular as other social media platforms; however, it has a ton of significance for promoting any business. There are many advantages for incorporating it into social media strategy for any business. Here are some features of Google Plus which makes it worthwhile for marketers to consider it for the promotion of a brand.

Improved Reach

Google Plus helps maintain businesses a strong presence. Google Maps tells the location of your business and so does Local pages. Google Plus events also help in creating reminders for important events so that users are always updated about latest plans and events. All of this helps in improving the online presence of any business. Number of +1s on the Google Plus business page is one of the most influential factors for determining the order of rankings. A local review on Google Plus also increases the ranking for local search results.

Immediate Indexing

There is a great advantage of being on Google Plus. Since it is a Google product, everything which is posted on it for the business page is indexed by Google immediately. This is a big opportunity for businesses to rank high on search results. Even if your website doesn’t rank well, there is a strong chance that your business page for Google Plus will rank. Google Plus links pass link equity as well. In fact, Google Plus can help in improving your SEO.


On Google Plus, your connections can be segmented into Circles. In fact, segmentation is an inseparable part of marketing and Google Plus has made it quite convenient. This ability of sharing a post on various circles enables you to share content with specific connections in particular circles.

Using embedded posts

Embedded posts are also a great feature which enables users to share content on Google Plus. By using this feature, users can directly place their Google plus posts into their blog. As a business, you will be able to extend the life of your content by embedding content which was created on Google Plus. By doing that, more people are able to view the content when it is included as part of any recent blog post.

Google owns YouTube

Google owns YouTube and this factor helps to become a powerful combination when Google Plus and YouTube accounts are connected to each other. Google Plus permits businesses to take advantage of this fact. The advantage here is that whether you have a strong presence on Google Plus or either YouTube, marketers will be able to maintain a strong presence of any brand by using them in conjunction. This is due to the fact that linking both of them ensures your YouTube videos are featured properly on Google Plus too.

Local Search Results

Google returns a list of local search results every time you perform a search for any product or service. Local ranking criteria is quite different from that of organic search results, therefore for local search results, Google considers its own criteria and the number of +1’s for generating local rankings on SERPS. The increase of reviews increase the authority of Google Plus page for a business and in turn, increases the ranking in the local search engine results.

Tracking performance using in-depth Analytics

Without analytics, marketing efforts are incomplete. It is important that marketing professionals are able to track all of their social marketing efforts while using performance indicators. As far as Google Plus is concerned, there are many analytical tools that can be used along with Google Plus. The main ones used are Sum All and Circle Count.

Correlation between Social Sharing & high Google Rank

There are various factors which contribute to any website’s ranking. There is a strong correlation between social sharing and Google rank. Google Plus isn’t just a platform for social sharing and Google plus marketing is necessary for a proper social media marketing strategy. There is a tendency of high-quality content to be shared more for popularity. The more your content is shared, the better it is.

Great Deal of Resources in one Place

Google Plus has many great resources in one place and all of them have a lot of utility. They are: Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Hangouts meet, Hangouts chat and so forth. All of them were created for optimizing your marketing strategy and for taking businesses towards the road to success. 

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